The ENIZO company was founded in 2014 and commenced its operations in 2015 on the initiative of people from the thermal insulation industry and capital industries of the Energoinstal SA Group for the implementation of the group's strategy consisting in general contracting of projects in the energy sector.

As part of this strategy, the company successfully implemented the Tobolsk projects (4 boilers - HP A, HP B, HP C, LP, and associated economizers at the port of Szczecin), and turnkey construction of a CFB fluidized block unit with a gross installed capacity of about 75 MW in CHP Zofiówka in Jastrzębie, covering insulation, scaffolding, refractory.

In 2018, as a result of ownership changes, the company was moved to the W.A.M. group and is no longer part of the Energoinstal SA group.
The parent plant is located in Oświęcim, where offices, a production hall, a warehouse and a workshop are located.