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The most important scope of the company's activity is the assembly of industrial insulation, in particular: thermal insulation of power boilers, turbines, electrostatic precipitators, flue gas and air ducts, flue gas desulfurization installation, steam, heating and technological pipelines, fans, fittings.

Selected projects

EC Zofiówka

Implementation: 04.2016 – 09.2018

Insulation and refractory as part of the investment: Construction of a CFB cogeneration fluid unit with a gross installed capacity of approximately 75 Mwe in EC Zofiówka in Jastrzębie

Implementation: 04.2016 - 09.2018

      I) External Part:
        1. insulation of the bag filter with penthouse, intake and exhaust gas ducts to the chimney, insulation of exhaust fans and exhaust gas recirculation
        2. Assembly of electric and thermal heating installations on the flyover connecting the building of ashes with the boiler
        3. Insulation of the boiler with penthouse and the second draught superheaters; boiler drum, ZWZ cyclone, siphon

      II) Boiler:

        1. Boiler pipelines
        2. Primary and secondary air channels
        3. Secondary and primary air fans

III) Engine room:

         1. CFB 75 turbine insulation together with quick-closing valves and turbine pipelines
         2. Insulation of expanders and tanks

Client: Energoinstal SA, PGNiG TERMIKA Energe


Implementation: 2017-03.2019

Design, delivery and assembly of insulation of buildings, installations, equipment and pipelines as part of the construction of a flue gas purification installation along with modernization of OPG 230 boilers in ZW Nowa in Dąbrowa Górnicza
    Client: GE POWER
    Investor: TAMEH
    Implementation: 11.2017-03.2019

Scope: exhaust gas purification installation:

  •       Smoke exhaust duct
  •       electrofilter
  •       SCR
  •       Flue gas ducts to the chimney
Client: GE POWER

Power plant in Turów

Implementation: 11.2018-07.2019
  • Making insulation in the engine room as part of the task entitled "Construction of a new power unit in the power plant in Turów in Bogatynia
  • Client: Budimex SA, Tecnicas Reunidas SA - Turów Spółka Cywilna
  • Investor: PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna
  • Scope: insulation of equipment and pipelines in the engine room
  • Implementation: 11.2018-07.2019
Client: Budimex S.A, Tecnicas Reunidas S.A.
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